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Udaipur Residential Program

Resonance Residential Program

Udaipur Study Center

Course Details (Click Here)

Course is specially designed for the students, who like to have complete focus on the studies in isolated environment, to avoid any kind of disturbances. For these special students, Resonance Udaipur, will provide special academic support for 24X7, with complete boarding and lodging arrangement at very isolated, safe, secure, professionally managed and lush green environmental friendly campus. The course is most appropriate for the laborious students, who do not want to leave any stone unturned to achieve their target.

Courses Available (Click Here)

VIKAAS (Class XI, target – JEE Main + Adv 2019)
VIJAY (Class XIII, target – JEE Main + Adv 2018)

Course Venue (Click Here)

Resonance Park, Off Badi Road, Ahead to Narayan Sewa Sansthan, Near G. D. Goenka International School, Campus, Udaipur

Admission Process (Click Here)

Through ResoFAST / ResoNET

Course Commencement (Click Here)

VIKAAS : 3rd April 2017

Boarding and Lodging (Click Here)

The facility will be available at "Resonance Park" campus. Distinctive features of the hostel is as follows :

Boarding : Campus is planned with an aim to provide a wholesome and stimulating learning environment provides boarding facilities for boys. The Hostels are well thought of with state of the art design.

Accommodation: Campus provides comfortable, well furnished hostel rooms.

Safety and Security: The campus is secured with fencing and has adequate guards covering the entire campus 24/7 making sure the campus is safe and secure at all times.

Hygiene and Cleanliness: Utmost care is taken of the comfort of the child for the sweeping and cleanliness of the rooms and bathrooms.

Tailoring & Laundry: A fully operational laundry set up is provided in the campus. Tailoring service is available as per the need of the students.

Study Room: There is a common study room for all the students.

Dining Area: We give as much importance to food as parents do for their children at home. The dining hall is spacious and well planned. All meals are planned by a Dietary Consultant keeping in mind the nutritional and dietary needs of growing children. The Catering facilities of the School are managed by one of the best caterer in the city to ensure quality, nutrition and hygiene. The kitchen is well equipped with modernized equipment.

Common Room: The hostel has a common room equipped with a television, music system and a DVD player for entertainment purposes. Indoor sports such as carom, chess and table tennis are also available.

Boarding and Lodging Charges: "Resonance Park" will charge an amount of Rs. 10,000/- per month (applicable taxes extra)

Teaching Methodology (Click Here)

Sr. No.




Subject Covered

Physics, Chemistry, Maths


Class Duration

90 min each (Three classes in a day)


Class Duration

5-6 Classes per subject per week


Study Hours

120 min each (Three Study hours in a day)


Regular classes

Faculty Lectures, class Notes


Study Material Composition

Daily Practice Problems(DPP), Topic wise Study Sheet.


Periodic Testing

Part / Cumulative syllabus testing on Main / Advance Pattern (Once in 3-4 Weeks)


Revision Planning

Routine Revision classes, Major test (MTs), All India Open Test (AIOT).

Benefits To The Students (Click Here)

1. Coaching, lodging, boarding, testing, available at one roof.

2. The students will get the benefit of coaching by India’s best coaching institute – Resonance.

3. Isolated and silent environment suitable for the preparation.

4. Regular classes, as per the standard schedule of Resonance.

5. Routine test conducted at campus only, and provide national level ranking.

6. All the required amenities available at the campus only.

7. Resonance Study Material will be available at campus only.

Important Points (Click Here)

1. The course is available for boys only.

2. Enrolled students has to strictly follow the discipline rules of “Resonance Park” and Resonance.

3. Refund of the fee will be according to Resonance Refund rules as mention in Reso-Guide.

4. There will be no refund of Boarding and Lodging charges.

5. The course will run parallel to VIKAAS / VIJAY course, thus all other academic activities will be according to VIKAAS / VIJAY course.

Disclaimer (Click Here)

The institute reserves the right to increase / decrease the number of lectures allotted to any topic and also make changes in the sequence of the topic of each subject depending upon the course requirements.

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